Attendance and Guidance Secretaries

“AloTrack is even more valuable and necessary now. When we are remote and not all in the same building, having the big picture in a snapshot on AloTrack is even more critical. Before, we recorded our connections with the students in a weekly Google Sheet. For us to have a big picture of the communication [...]

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“From a counseling perspective, AloTrack has been very helpful because it allows us to serve students in a more efficient and effective way. By knowing what other supporters have done with students, and checking past notes from our own personal records, we can better meet student needs. It also allows us to analyze data about [...]

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ELL and SPED Coordinator

“AloTrack has helped the EL department in multiple ways..." By pulling a “contact report” we can easily see which students are receiving support. Combine that with checking on attendance and grades, and we can target specific students which save time and ensures no one falls between the cracks. It makes managing caseloads significantly easier. This [...]

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Safety Staff

“I found it very helpful on a few occasions where we were looking for a student, checking to see where they had been, and following up after learning they had been with a counselor for 45 minutes during class. A lot less classroom and office interruptions when I can just check the log which was [...]

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Academic/Behavioral Interventionist

"AloTrack absolutely makes my job so much more efficient. The ability to do multiple things right from my iPad or phone was tremendous as I am mobile throughout the school all day. From note-taking to looking at past conversations while in the presence of a student was priceless. This is a must-have program."

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