Take your support to the next level with shared activity tracking and performance details all at-a-glance. Centralized support records and integrated student profiles will enable you to:



Personalized support is targeted at a specific student. Statistics can provide clues but no depth of insight into the individual. To offer truly targeted support, the path must lead through:

Every meaningful support interaction must be documented consistently across all support teams. AloTrack’s painless data entry creates a habit of good record keeping.


Powered by the support teams’ own activity records, AloTrack provides the context of a student’s full support journey. Easy access to a student’s support history is key to tailoring your next action.


AloTrack combines grades, attendance, support history, and behavior in one centralized location. Viewing trends in grades, attendance, and behavior provide feedback on the effectiveness of past support. You are now ready to create equity through personalized support for each and every student.




AloTrack is a hub for all data meaningful to the ongoing support of students. Access real time student performance and support history in a single view.


A support profile is created for every student by importing data you already have, recording meaningful support activity, enhancing communication between supporters, and presenting it all on one intuitive page.




Tracking support activity shouldn’t be a chore. With its simple and fast data entry, AloTrack allows recording of activity as it happens. This real-time data entry gives you access to the most accurate student support profile possible.



AloTrack connects your entire support team by capturing the specialized activities of every supporter through a consistent user experience. For the first time, all supporters have a way to work in tandem to create truly personalized support.
“As a leader in a very large and diverse building, we celebrate many things. However, nothing is more important at times, than a single student. AloTrack tools have allowed us to create equitable tiered response systems centered around vital data. We are able to evaluate building-wide health, and provide adequate supports on an individual basis. Before AloTrack, there was an incredible loss of time and fidelity of services, due to a lack of information collection and sharing. The individual student profile page provides invaluable information at a glance. AloTrack has allowed us to work smarter for our students, and I believe our efforts have been multiplied. It has helped me to better manage resources necessary for student success.”

“AloTrack absolutely makes my job so much more efficient. The ability to do multiple things right from my iPad or phone was tremendous as I am mobile throughout the school all day. From note-taking to looking at past conversations while in the presence of a student was priceless. This is a must-have program.”

“I found it very helpful on a few occasions where we were looking for a student, checking to see where they had been, and following up after learning they had been with a counselor for 45 minutes during class. A lot less classroom and office interruptions when I can just check the log which was very helpful.”
“AloTrack has helped the EL department in multiple ways…”

  1. By pulling a “contact report” we can easily see which students are receiving support. Combine that with checking on attendance and grades, and we can target specific students which save time and ensures no one falls between the cracks. It makes managing caseloads significantly easier.
  2. This also allows for data analysis of how staff members are spending their time and if interventions should be changed or adjusted based on real-time data. Reporting for grant funds is also easier as we have all the students and all the interactions. Finally, it allows for the accountability of staff members in a way that helps them feel productive, valued, and necessary.
“From a counseling perspective, AloTrack has been very helpful because it allows us to serve students in a more efficient and effective way. By knowing what other supporters have done with students, and checking past notes from our own personal records, we can better meet student needs. It also allows us to analyze data about our interactions to better plan and implement comprehensive school counseling. Especially useful for distance learners is the ability to see who was able to contact a student and what their barriers to completing work maybe instead of having to look at a variety of spreadsheets. In this way, we can assess student needs and help them succeed.”
“AloTrack is even more valuable and necessary now. When we are remote and not all in the same building, having the big picture in a snapshot on AloTrack is even more critical. Before, we recorded our connections with the students in a weekly Google Sheet. For us to have a big picture of the communication with a certain student over the course of 5 weeks, for example, we had to open all 5 weekly Google Sheets, review the information, and manually piece it together to get the big picture. If we referred a student to the guidance office we used to text and email with the counselor to check if the connection had been made to take care of the student. With AloTrack, I can quickly look up the student profile and see that the connection has been made. AloTrack saves me so much time every day.”



Whether you’re scrambling to move from chaos to organized student support, looking for insights you simply can’t get from the tools you have, or are just curious, we’d love to hear from you. Let’s get the conversation started.